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Boat rental in Croatia with Boatsandgo

Along its coast, in the Adriatic Sea, there are 1244 islands giving it a very characteristic beauty. Are you ready to have unique and unforgettable experiences? The variety of coastal landscapes that Croatia has is impressive. Its gastronomy is tasty influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. In this beautiful country, Konoba stands out, a place where you can taste authentic Croatian cuisine.
Renting a boat for your vacations is a good option. Croatia is a paradisiacal and impressive place, ideal for relaxing moments or for travelers looking for fun. Its mountains and crystal clear waters will seduce you. Be amazed by its countless landscapes!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Croatia?

The price depends on different factors, on its length, season, duration or number of cabins, among other reasons that must be taken into account. Boatsandgo helps you compare boat rentals and make the right decision for your next days in an incredible country. Yacht charter in Croatia is advisable since the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the beauty of its coasts and islands offer an unforgettable experience for lovers of the sea.

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Why travel to Croatia?

Croatia is an amazing country with many lovely places. It has impressive and unique natural environments. Cities are full of history from times not too distant and others not so long ago. There is Dubrovnik, a coastal city known as “the pearl of the Adriatic”. This urban center is surrounded by walls and fortifications that are a world heritage site. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a formidable place, it has a turquoise strip of lakes linked by waterfalls, every minute there will be engraved on you! Sailing in Croatia is a good choice, especially if you want to enjoy landscapes that will leave you speechless. You find natural settings with relaxing views, cobalt-colored waters on the island of Mljet. On the island of Ston you will see the second longest wall in the world, it has up to 30 rectangular towers to guard it. If you like vineyards and olive trees surrounded by quiet beaches, the island of Korcula is your little personal paradise.

Enjoy its exquisite gastronomy influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, where olive oil and good wine cannot be missing from the Croatian table. Croatian dishes are made with popular ingredients accompanied by marine delicacies. There is the Porkolt, fish stewed in sauce, as well as the Prstaci that mixes clams and prawns, among other dishes. Can you imagine yourself in Croatia? To enjoy this varied gastronomy, the months of May to September are ideal, temperatures will range between 21º C and 27º C.

Renting a boat is a different way to discover Croatia. You will be able to disembark on each island and take advantage of the benefits that each one offers you. In one you can appreciate the most traditional gastronomy, in another you can go cycling or hiking, create your own travel route. With Boatsandgo, compare boat rentals to find out if a sailboat or yacht fits what you need. Rent a boat and discover Croatia!

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